Studies and Reports

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable tourism, a tool for cultural understanding and peace

Javier Pardo Torregrosa; Joan Fontrodona The pandemic prompted a precipitous drop in tourism around the globe. As people begin to travel again, sustainability principles can lead to a healthier industry. The goal is to spur economic, environmental and sociocultural improvements -- and even foment peace. Read article
Leadership and People Management

Changes in the portfolio of skills needed by Spanish companies following COVID-19

Jordi Canals; Maria Luisa Blazquez A new report on youth employment in Spain reveals a significant gap between the skills needed and candidates' training. And as teleworking takes hold, companies are reporting that managers' leadership skills and employees' capacity for learning are increasingly important. Read article
Corporate Governance

Women on Spanish boards: the technology sector leads the way on gender-parity goals

ATREVIA; IESE; Nuria Chinchilla According to a 2022 report, women occupy 28.7% of the board seats for Spain's publicly listed companies. That marks a 2.9-percentage-point improvement over last year, but still falls short of the CNMV's 30% parity recommendations for 2020. Read article
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Six ways technology is changing HR

Philip Muller; Joan Fontrodona The pandemic has accelerated the application of new technologies to managing workforces, as human resources departments prepare us for the future of work. Here are six technology-based trends transforming HR management for Industry 4.0, dubbed HR 4.0. Read article

10 trends shaping ecommerce in Spain

Íñigo Gallo, IESE, Veepee The typical online shopper uses their mobile phone, pays with a credit card and is influenced most by social media. That is according to a 2021 study of the future of ecommerce in Spain. Read article