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  7 steps to innovate amid high digital density

Pérez Balaguer, Jesús; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Zamora, Javier

How can companies create new value propositions in high-digital-density environments? Jesús Pérez Balaguer, Robert W. Gregory and Javier Zamora propose a seven-step methodology based on the "jobs to be done" theory.

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  How prepared is your business to make the most of AI? Premium

Zamora, Javier; Herrera, Pedro To make the most of AI, you need to know the basics: what data do you need, and do you have the right people in place? Read article

  Programming Business Models Through Digital Density Premium

Zamora, Javier The growth of digital connections and data generates myriad interactions between organizations, people and things. This article presents a framework to help executives pinpoint the programmable elements of their value proposition. Read article

  Can Bitcoin Gain Legitimacy?

Zamora, Javier; Rahnema Alavi, Ahmad; Tatarinov, Katherine For all the hype surrounding bitcoin, relatively few companies actually accept it for payments. Will bitcoin be able to find favor in South American hotels where credit card payments can be delayed and fees run high? An IESE case study poses this question with its implications for the future of virtual currencies. Read article

  5 Skills Every Leader Needs to Succeed in the Digital World Premium

Káganer, Evgeny; Zamora, Javier; Sieber, Sandra The growing density of our digital connections is fast redrawing the boundaries of competition and reshaping the sources of customer value. This requires new leadership roles and digitally minded leaders. This article suggests five important dimensions that are more important than ever to deal with the digital transformation upon us. Read article

  What It Takes to Be a Digital Leader

Sieber, Sandra; Káganer, Evgeny; Zamora, Javier Executives in their 40s or 50s will never be Digital Natives -- those who have grown up with technology and have never known anything else. While we cannot change the age we were born into, we can control our literacy of today's digital culture. IESE professors offer winning tips to help today's leaders step over the digital divide, so that technology becomes a source of innovation rather than alienation. Read article
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