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  From Identifying Needs to Generating Opportunities Premium

Vilà, Joaquim; Camps, Xavier IESE's Joaquim Vilà and Xavier Camps outline the initial phase of design thinking, related to discovering customer needs and generating new opportunities. In addition, they describe under what conditions problems are best suited for design thinking, presenting real-life situations in which it can be applied, and suggesting some considerations for managers to help ensure effective implementation. Read article

  An Innovation Top-Management System for Mature Technology Firms

Badrinas, Joan; Vilà, Joaquim How might mature companies break through the exploitation glass ceiling and create new, uncontested growth streams? Analyzing six successful firms operating in well-established technology segments in three European countries, co-authors Joan Badrinas and Joaquim Vilà map an innovation system with seven steps to ignite innovation guided from the top. Read article

  Normalize Innovation to Transform Your Firm Premium

Vilà, Joaquim This article presents a systematic, custom-tailored model of innovation management. Implementing this model in phases allows for progressive development of an innovation culture, resulting in values, principles and practices that will strengthen and nurture the innovation process on an ongoing basis. Read article

  A Culture of Innovation Begins at the Top

Vilà, Joaquim Ikea’s slogan is “Never say never.” The management encourages staff to find new and better ways of doing things. They understand that their behavior is key to encouraging the growth of an innovative culture, as IESE Prof. Joaquim Vila describes in a technical note on the best practices of highly innovative companies. Read article

  Beyond Technology: An Integral Approach to Innovation

Vilà, Joaquim; MacGregor, Steven P. In the first nine months after it was rolled out, the iPad generated close to $10 billion in revenue. But was its success merely the result of Apple’s superior technological innovation or were there other factors at play? IESE’s Joaquim Vilà and Steven MacGregor call for a much broader definition of innovation that goes beyond technological and product innovation. Read article

  Keys for Advancing a Culture of Innovation

Vilà, Joaquim Creating a culture of innovation is necessary for success, but setting the process in motion and enshrining it across the organization are not so easy. IESE Prof. Joaquim Vilà offers a road map, which he considers the management team's "inescapable responsibility" to put into practice. Read article

  Innovation: Inspiration Plus Hard Work

Vilà, Joaquim; Muñoz-Najar J. A. In today's shifting environment, where customers demand more and competition is increasingly fierce, the traditional approach to innovation has become obsolete. Companies need many of their members to be involved in the process. And just having willing managers is not enough. The paper "Innovación como dirección de iniciativas estratégicas" ("Innovation as Management of Strategic Proposals") by Joaquim Vilà and José Antonio Muñoz-Nájar offers some clear guidelines to make sure that the path to change does not become a leap in the dark, so that the organization can advance in a steady, safe way toward complete management of innovation. Read article

  Get Your Business in Shape to Innovate

Vilà, Joaquim; Muñoz-Najar J. A. Though every company wants to innovate, few actually achieve it. This is because not many businesses have a system in place for developing innovation skills in managers and in the organization as a whole. To help companies achieve this goal, IESE Professors Joaquim Vilà and José Antonio Muñoz-Nájar discuss in the paper "El sistema de innovación: competencias organizativas y directivas para innovar" ("The Innovation System: Organizational and Managerial Competencies to Enable Innovation") the kind of leadership, strategy and new product development companies need in order to innovate across the board and continuously. The authors highlight the innovation success stories of companies such as Ikea and Dell. Read article

  Sony: The Elixir of Eternal Innovation

Mitchell, Jordan; Vilà, Joaquim

Sony, inventor of world-changing products like the VCR, the Walkman and PlayStation (to name just a few), is justifiably considered one of the most innovative companies of the 20th century. Throughout its 60-year history, Sony has maintained an impressive list of product innovations. It has revolutionized production, and it has introduced ground-breaking policies in the field of human resources. Affectionately known in Japan as the 'guinea pig,' Sony can truly demonstrate half a century´s worth of the business buzzwords 'growth' and 'innovation.' IESE general management professor Joaquim Vilà unravels the mystery surrounding the Japanese heavyweight in his recent case, 'Sony in 2006.'

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  Business Strategies: A Mix of Thought and Action

Canales, J. Ignacio; Vilà, Joaquim Formulating a business strategy requires both thought and action. But which comes first? Careful planning does not necessarily guarantee a strategy´s success. And sometimes, actions need to deviate from pre-established plans.
In this paper Juan Ignacio Canales, a Doctoral candidate at IESE, and IESE Professor Joaquim Vilà examine how these two factors affect the stream of decisions known as strategy. The authors argue that -to insure a strategy´s success- thinking and action must evolve together.
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