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  Millennials: the video game generation takes on the business world

Stein, Guido Most likely you work with a millennial. You may even be one, or your boss may be. The first generation of digital natives is already in the workforce, and they are ushering in changes, as outlined in Guido Stein's book Leaders and Millennials. Read article

  Pay: How to Design a More Effective Compensation Plan

Stein, Guido; Anta Callersten, Carlos Financial incentives alone may not be the best way to motivate employees. Guido Stein and Carlos Anta dissect pay policies and explain how to design a more successful compensation plan. Read article

  Winning Strategies for Team Negotiations

Mehta, Kandarp; Stein, Guido Negotiating as a team has definite advantages over going solo, but it also presents major challenges along the way. Preparation is key. Certain strategies can help you meet team challenges and negotiate better. Read article

  Keys to Collective Bargaining: From Theory to Reality

Pin Arboledas, José Ramón; Stein, Guido In their 2017 book on the theoretical and practical aspects of collective bargaining, professors José Ramón Pin and Guido Stein examine six pitched battles in Spain. Through these labor conflicts, they illustrate a process to better manage a business. Read article

  Five Keys to Manage Millennial Talent Premium

Stein, Guido; Martín, Miguel To meet the needs and demands of the millennial generation, many companies are rethinking their people management policies and leadership styles. Based on surveys of international executives, the authors detail the shift taking place in professional aspirations, and suggest the keys for attracting, developing and retaining millennial workers. Read article

  How to Land on Your Feet in Your New Managerial Role

Stein, Guido Incomplete information, a lack of personal maturity, and a poor handling of a situation are the main pitfalls executives face when taking on a new management position. Guido Stein's book, And Now What?, provides practical instructions for avoiding missteps and getting off to a good start in a new office. Read article

  10 Steps to Start a Management Position on the Right Foot

Stein, Guido Taking on a new management position can create certain doubts and insecurities. A clash between expectations and reality is almost inevitable -- but it can be minimized. Professor Guido Stein offers 10 tips to streamline your adaptation to a new executive role. Read article

  9 Tips for Managing Millennials

Stein, Guido; Mesa, Rafael; Martín, Miguel By 2025, the millennial generation will make up 75 percent of the world's working population. Ready for some changes in your company's management policies and leadership styles? Taking into account the distinctive features of this cohort, IESE's Guido Stein offers practical advice to better recruit, develop and retain top millennial talent in the years to come. Read article

  Are You a Genuine Leader?

Stein, Guido If you search for books on "leadership," you will find hundreds of thousands of titles. But are their theories tested? Is anything new being said in each year's releases? IESE's Guido Stein discusses four levels of leadership and argues that influence, connection, commitment, vision and authenticity are among the essential and time-tested ingredients. Read article

  Avoid Common Mistakes in Managing People

Stein, Guido; Rábago, Eduardo All decisions surrounding personnel are important. Yet managers often make these decisions -- from hiring employees to salary decisions -- without a proper game plan. In this book, Guido Stein and Eduardo Rábago offer a practical guide to what's what in people management. Read article
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