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  Health and (h)appiness: in search of the right business model

Antoja, Gabriel; Ribera, Jaume; Mur, Javier Mobile health (mHealth) apps are experiencing double-digit annual growth rates, according to some studies. Yet many initiatives fail to find the right formula to stay afloat, says a report led by Jaume Ribera. Read article

  Are New Criteria Needed for Financing Drugs?

Escudero, Antonio; Lizán, Luis; Aceituno, Susana; Ribera, Jaume Should cost-effectiveness be the sole consideration when deciding whether to finance new drugs? Many in the healthcare industry in Spain are now questioning the criteria that currently govern pharmaceutical policies. Read article

  Integrated Health: A Lifeline for Hospital Systems?

Yankovic, Natalia; Ribera, Jaume How can we ensure the sustainability of hospitals under intense budgetary pressures? A more integrated health system may be the remedy we need to curb spending, retain talent, and improve the quality of care. Read article

  10 Ideas to Optimize the Public Procurement of Medicine

Mur, Javier; Escudero, Antonio; Ribera, Jaume Sustainable public healthcare requires innovative solutions that allow for fast and fair access to medicine. A report from IESE aims to guide healthcare professionals to choose the best model for each situation. Read article

  The Chinese Auto Industry at a Crossroads

Sachon, Marc; Ribera, Jaume; Zhang, Donald; Zhang, Yunyi; Castillo, Cristina China's auto production has grown exponentially in recent years, responding to a rapidly expanding domestic market. However, the "new normal" in economic growth is taking a toll. The complex industry may be able to shift gears successfully, with help from the Chinese government. Read article

  Providing Health Care in 2030: A New Role for Public Hospitals

Ribera, Jaume; Antoja, Gabriel; Rosenmöller, Magda; Borrás, Pablo Looking ahead to 2030, how can hospitals deliver better care to more patients at a lower cost? A 2015 study by IESE and Accenture takes a close look at the new role that Europe's leading public hospitals will be playing in the future health care system, giving a voice to hospital managers and clinicians. Read article

  Clinical Management Units: How to Establish Tomorrow's Hospital Today

Ribera, Jaume; Mur J.; et al. To improve health care for patients, and help motivate the professionals administering it, it's time to move traditional hospital services to structures that are more autonomous, flexible and efficient. How to carry out this reform is explained in a practical guide for establishing clinical management units (CMUs). Read article

  What's Driving China's Auto Industry?

Ribera, Jaume; Sachon, Marc; Callarman, Thomas E.; Li, Honglai; Shen, Xiaoying; Castillo, Cristina China is the world's leading automaker -- and has been for five years running. Understanding China's massive but quirky auto industry is the task of a joint study by IESE, CEIBS and CEDARS. IESE professors Jaume Ribera and Marc Sachon help put China's numbers in context and make traffic predictions for the future. Read article

  A Federated Approach to Efficient Health-Care Management

Ribera, Jaume; Mur J. Patients in Spain are demanding better care coordination while doctors are less involved in the management of increasingly limited resources. According to the report Amphos 2013, this situation can be improved. Managers and doctors recommend using a decentralized structure based on clinical management as an alternative to the traditional hospital units. Read article

  Keeping Your Project on the Road to Success

Moscoso, Philip; Ribera, Jaume The Channel Tunnel ended up costing more than twice its original budget and was completed years behind schedule. Clearly, major errors were made in the management of the project. How does one avoid such a mess? IESE's Philip Moscoso and Jaume Ribera suggest a methodology for managing projects efficiently. Read article
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