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  Innovative spirit: lessons in leadership from the Sagrada Familia

Lee, Yih-Teen; Ribera, Alberto; McBride, Emily The Sagrada Familia by the architect Antoni Gaudí is proof of how to turn vision into reality. By taking a cue from Gaudí, executives may be inspired to realize their own visions in ways they never thought possible before. Read article

  The power of coaching to improve your daily life

Ribera, Alberto; Mc Farlane, Alan; Plamenova, Nia Part science, part art, executive coaching offers clients a broader perspective for professional and personal improvement. A new book walks through seven key moments to show how coaching works and what it can do for you. Read article

  Unleashing the Power of Purpose Premium

Almandoz, John; Lee, Yih-Teen; Ribera, Alberto This article reveals five practical steps for putting purpose into practice, achieving higher levels of motivation, commitment, engagement and fulfillment in your company in the process. Drawing on case studies and research, IESE's John Almandoz, Yih-Teen Lee and Alberto Ribera describe the qualities that characterize purpose-driven leadership. Read article

  The Benefits of Flow at Work

Ribera, Alberto; Ceja, Lucia Achieving flow at work contributes to personal well-being and improves performance, as Alberto Ribera and Lucía Ceja explain. The key to achieving this gratifying state is to face attainable challenges that stretch our capacities without stressing us out. Read article

  6 Strategies to Get the Most out of Feedback

Elghanayan, Ruben; Gallego, Sheila; Ribera, Alberto As much as we might try to accept our annual performance review rationally, it's hard to deny the emotional component. Here are strategies to help you handle criticism constructively. Read article

  Teaming: Solidarity as a Business Model

Lucea, Jaime; Ribera, Alberto Teaming is an online platform for an altruistic initiative with lofty goals built on micro-donations. A case study traces Teaming from the personal story of its founder, through celebrity boosts by singer Shakira and former Barça coach Frank Rijkaard, to ambitious expansion plans -- modeled on solidarity. Read article

  Working in Iraq: The Choice Between Safe and Right?

Al-Rikabi, Ammar; Ribera, Alberto In February 2015, Baghdad's decade-old curfew was finally lifted -- a sign that life might be getting back to normal. But the same day, violence once again gripped the nation. In a very personal case study, IESE MBA grad Ammar Al-Rikabi reflects on the time he spent working in his home country and the dilemma it caused him. Read article

  Mindfulness: Multiply Productivity Through Undivided Attention Premium

Ribera, Alberto; Guillén, José Luis Based on research and coaching experiences related to designing and delivering programs for multinational corporations, the authors explain how mindfulness training strengthens a broad set of executive functions to boost productivity, improve decision-making and enhance well-being. Read article

  In Pursuit of Focus: Fostering an Elusive Leadership Trait

Sharma, Robin; Ribera, Alberto; Ghosh, Anindya; Maella, Pablo; Polman, Paul Our device-driven lives connect us 24/7 to everything, everywhere. As hyperconnectivity expands, the ability to focus has become an increasingly scarce asset among leaders. IESE professors offer insights on how to recover and foster this key trait as the means to nurture creativity, productivity, innovation and, ultimately, personal and corporate success. Read article

  Flow: Channeling Happiness Into Productivity

Ceja, Lucia; Ribera, Alberto Ericsson applies the principles of "flow" to retain employees; Microsoft, to improve the customer experience. Flow is a state of mind that improves the work environment, increases productivity and consequently optimizes economic outcomes. IESE's Alberto Ribera and Lucía Ceja discuss what it takes to achieve flow in their technical note, "The Science Behind Flow at Work." Read article
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