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  How many choices should you offer your clients?

Reutskaja, Elena; Linder, Axel; Nagel, Rosemarie; Andersen, R.A.; Camerer, Colin Choice is good, but having too many options can be paralyzing. Using MRI machines, researchers can actually see a point at which having too many alternatives starts overwhelming our brains. The ideal number of options may be fewer than marketers think. Read article

  Tips for Using Tech to Manage Patients Remotely

Reutskaja, Elena; Ribera, Jaume Remote patient management (RPM) enables patients to monitor their conditions in their own homes and share the results with their doctors via mobile devices. The benefits for patients and the savings for health-care providers can be significant. So why the delay in adoption? A study by the IESE/Accenture Center for Research in Health-Care Innovation Management, in collaboration with Telefónica, suggests the factors that help and hinder the implementation of RPM tools. Read article

  Either/Or: The Dynamics of Choice

Reutskaja, Elena; Nagel, R.; Camerer, C.F.; Rangel, A. Consumers are faced with a bewildering array of options in a supermarket. Sellers, meanwhile, spend billions of dollars trying to influence in-store choice. Knowledge of the algorithm that consumers use to make their fast choices is essential to being able to predict the qualitative and quantitative effects of such practices. A new study uses eye-tracking techniques to model consumer behavior when confronted with a range of choices. Read article

  The Role of Information in Choosing the Right Hospital

Boyce, T.; Dixon, A.; Fasolo Menschen, Barbara; Reutskaja, Elena Where information is concerned, more is not always better, says a report published by IESE, in partnership with the King’s Fund and London School of Economics. In the case of choosing a hospital, simply having all the information available is no guarantee that patients will make an informed decision. Published information needs to be salient, easy to understand and clearly presented. Information providers, take note. Read article

  Choice: How Much Is Too Much?

Reutskaja, Elena; Hogarth, Robin The Baskin-Robbins ice cream chain boasts “31 flavors.” As wonderful as that sounds, choosing two scoops means rejecting 29 other equally delectable flavors. In the end, people could walk away less satisfied than if there had been fewer options. And it’s not just ice cream; as this paper explains, excessive choice, whether of pension schemes or mobile phone plans, can sometimes be a bad thing. Read article

  Building Prosperity Through Architecture

Nueno, José Luis; Reutskaja, Elena

When is a building more than a building? And what effect can a spectacular architectural creation have on the economy of its urban home? Emblematic buildings can bring economic, socio-cultural, environmental, touristic and commercial impact to a city or region, and define a city itself. These buildings and their impact warrant a closer look.

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