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  Roadmap for reviving the Spanish economy after the pandemic

Barceló, Simón Pedro; Corona, J.F.; Puig, Marc; Argandoña, Antonio; Canals, Jordi; Díaz Giménez, Javier; Heukamp, Franz; Mas, Núria; Nueno, Pedro; Pastor, Alfredo; Toribio, Juan José; Videla, Pedro; Vives, Xavier Trust, collaboration and an international perspective are three key concepts for the recovery, according to a report prepared by IESE and the Institute of Family Business that analyzes how to maintain employment, preserve the productive framework and support viable companies. Read article

  Don't be deceived: 6 key misconceptions that can harm your business

Nueno, Pedro In business, as in life, fooling yourself often costs more than facing the truth, explains Pedro Nueno. His latest book examines how self-deception happens within companies and offers ways to root it out. Read article

  Worried About Retirement? Design an Entrepreneurial Pension Plan

Nueno, Pedro If you're 35, old age is set to be harder for you than for your parents. What can you do about it? Design an entrepreneurial pension plan that monetizes your professional experience, says Pedro Nueno. Read article

  The Myths and Realities of Doing Business in China

Nueno, Pedro With China's rapid rise to join the global superpowers, the country has aroused all sorts of suspicions. Pedro Nueno works to dispel old myths in his 2017 book, Thank You, China, at the same time explaining why China may be the only country fit to challenge U.S. hegemony. Nueno also shares tips for negotiating and investing in the Asian giant. Read article

  10 Trends for the Board of 2020 Premium

Nueno, Pedro Distilling years of experience on the boards of various companies across multiple industries around the world, the author identifies 10 major trends to watch, as boards of directors aspire to become the vital governance instrument for company management that they were intended to be. Read article

  Winds of Change for the Board of Directors

Nueno, Pedro What will a typical board of directors look like in the future? This is the question inspiring Pedro Nueno's book, The 2020 Board, which examines the changing role of boards amid the global financial recovery, accelerating digitalization and systemic changes in the business environment. Read article

  Cars and Culture: Keys to Cross-Border Mergers in the Auto Industry

Caiazza, Rosa; Nueno, Pedro; Ferrara, Graziella Emerging markets are increasingly producing and driving demand for new cars. As the balance of power shifts in the global auto industry, M&A activity is international -- bringing in new cultural challenges. Prof. Pedro Nueno and co-authors analyze merger strategies, homing in on three case studies that span continents, to find what works and what doesn't. Read article

  Chinese Strategies for Global Auto Leadership

Caiazza, Rosa; Nueno, Pedro Relationships between players in the global automotive industry are changing. Asian manufacturers and suppliers are drawing on new technologies and joint ventures in developed countries to acquire a global dimension. IESE's Pedro Nueno and coauthor Rosa Caiazza examine the strategies pursued by Asian automakers in their research paper, "Corporate Strategies of Automotive Firms: How to Become Global Leaders." Read article

  Entrepreneurs: You've Got Mail

Nueno, Pedro Owing to globalization and the financial crisis, the role of entrepreneurship has assumed greater relevance. But in a series of email missives contained in his book, IESE's Pedro Nueno warns potential entrepreneurs against acting in haste. The viability of any venture depends on first carefully identifying your opportunity, and then developing a sound business plan around it. Read article

  Keeping the Founders’ Spirit Alive

Tàpies, Josep; Nueno, Pedro Many family companies are engendered with the entrepreneurial spirit of their founders, but how can that spirit be kept alive from generation to generation? In their white paper, published by Credit Suisse, IESE professors Pedro Nueno and Josep Tàpies examine the relationship between entrepreneurial spirit, business management and family-owned business. Read article
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