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  Direct to consumer: How to reach your clients when stores disappear

Nueno, José Luis According to José Luis Nueno, mass-market companies have underestimated the power of e-commerce and the direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that are digital natives. By 2025, online commerce will have changed the marketplace irreversibly. Read article

  Generational opportunities

IESE Insight; Nueno, José Luis Businesses need to understand what makes the different age groups tick. Getting into the heads of these key generations, says IESE's José Luis Nueno, can help you deliver the best possible customer experience. Read article

  A New Marketing to Save the World?

Nueno, José Luis Move over, functional and aspirational marketing: it's time for transformative marketing to shine. In his book, José Luis Nueno argues that marketing's mission is no longer to showcase a product or service in order to sell it, but rather to support sustainable consumption based on realistic expectations in a scarcity society. Read article

  Here Comes the Instagram Bride

Nueno, José Luis Wedding bells are ringing for the digital generation. As Millennials come of age and settle down, the bridal industry must learn to engage with them on their own terms. A study by IESE's José Luis Nueno provides a game plan for marketing to Millennials as they plan their big day, smartphone in hand. Read article

  New Marketing for a New Era

Nueno, José Luis The 21st century is marked as the era of scarcity. Companies must change their marketing strategies to adapt to the times. José Luis Nueno argues in his book that marketing's mission is no longer to showcase a product or service in order to sell it, but rather to support sustainable consumption based on realistic expectations in a society of scarcity. Read article

  The Return of the Consumer

Nueno, José Luis Consumer spending is a crucial part of Spain's economic recovery, as approximately two-thirds of GDP is linked to consumption. According to a book by IESE Prof. J.L. Nueno, the Spanish consumer will indeed return, but slowly, cautiously and with new spending habits. The author believes that new sales channels and more effective and useful products are required going forward. Read article

  The Decline of Main Street, the Rise of Multichannel Retail Premium

Nueno, José Luis Six years into the economic crisis, companies have learned they must go wherever consumers congregate and engage them there. But there are reasons for the proliferation of new retail formats beyond the economic situation. This article reviews the factors that influence the way we shop today, and how different retail formats can be integrated into a multichannel strategy. Read article

  Emerging Markets: What to Know Before You Go

Khanna, Tarun; Palepu, Krishna; Nueno, José Luis; Liechtenstein, Heinrich; Groh, Alexander; Lieser, Karsten; Estrada, Javier; Añaños, Carlos; Servitje, Daniel Annual consumption in emerging markets is estimated to hit a staggering $30 trillion by 2025. Such considerable opportunities make expansion into these markets a tempting proposition for many businesses. But before jumping onto a BRIC-bound bandwagon, make sure you really understand what's in store. Otherwise, say leading experts, your gold rush dreams are bound to get dashed. Read article

  Wishbuuk App for Facebook: Sleeping With the Enemy?

Vivo Torres, Mayra; Nueno, José Luis Many brands see the great potential that social media networks present to their own e-commerce strategies. But in creating their own apps, they have to work within the existing frameworks of a select few players. This was the situation facing Wishbuuk, a Spanish platform designed for the Facebook environment, which risked getting swallowed up by the world's biggest gatekeeper. How should a start-up work around these digital arbiters? Read article

  The Makings of a Relevant Brand

Nueno, José Luis; Andreu, Gloria Why are some companies more successful than others at achieving brand awareness? What role does the image of their country of origin play? IESE's J.L. Nueno and Gloria Andreu reflect on the ingredients that make a brand successful. Ultimately, those that triumph are better at meeting consumer needs. As such, your best bet for building a relevant brand is to anticipate consumer expectations and offer forward-looking solutions. Read article
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