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  Innovation: Inspiration Plus Hard Work

Vilà, Joaquim; Muñoz-Najar J. A. In today's shifting environment, where customers demand more and competition is increasingly fierce, the traditional approach to innovation has become obsolete. Companies need many of their members to be involved in the process. And just having willing managers is not enough. The paper "Innovación como dirección de iniciativas estratégicas" ("Innovation as Management of Strategic Proposals") by Joaquim Vilà and José Antonio Muñoz-Nájar offers some clear guidelines to make sure that the path to change does not become a leap in the dark, so that the organization can advance in a steady, safe way toward complete management of innovation. Read article

  Get Your Business in Shape to Innovate

Vilà, Joaquim; Muñoz-Najar J. A. Though every company wants to innovate, few actually achieve it. This is because not many businesses have a system in place for developing innovation skills in managers and in the organization as a whole. To help companies achieve this goal, IESE Professors Joaquim Vilà and José Antonio Muñoz-Nájar discuss in the paper "El sistema de innovación: competencias organizativas y directivas para innovar" ("The Innovation System: Organizational and Managerial Competencies to Enable Innovation") the kind of leadership, strategy and new product development companies need in order to innovate across the board and continuously. The authors highlight the innovation success stories of companies such as Ikea and Dell. Read article

  Is Your Company Innovative Enough? Check for Yourself

Muñoz-Najar J. A.; Vilà, Joaquim In order to build up their capacity to innovate, companies need to make major changes in the way they are organized, as well as in the knowledge and competencies of individuals and groups, so that more new ideas are generated and applied. Professor Joaquim Vilà of IESE Business School and MBA graduate José A. Muñoz-Nájar suggest that, in certain circumstances, companies may benefit from conducting a self-evaluation test to determine to what extent they are capable of producing and managing innovation. In their technical note "Guía de autoevaluación de las capacidades para innovar: Una herramienta de diagnóstico" (Guide to Self-evaluation of Innovation Capabilities: A Diagnostic Tool), they present a questionnaire that will help managers to analyze and diagnose their companies' innovation capabilities and identify areas for improvement. Read article

  Innovation Management: Keeping a Grip on Free Minds

Muñoz-Najar J. A.; Vilà, Joaquim It's a classic management challenge: To find an equilibrium between, o­n the o­ne hand, allowing time for personnel, production processes and products to mature through a learning process and so evolve into a smooth-running and successful whole, and o­n the other, fostering a constant search for new ways of doing things or big leaps forward. In their technical note "An Integrated Framework to Manage Innovation" José A. Muñoz-Najar and Joaquim Vilà of IESE Business School explain why innovation is simply vital to the sustainable success of a company. Read article
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