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  How "Family First" Works Out for All Shareholders

Martin, Geoffrey; Gómez-Mejía, Luis R.; Berrone, Pascual; Makri, Marianna Family firms tend to get a bad rap from non-family shareholders. Many pro-family decisions are thought to run against minority shareholders' interests, creating contentious boards. But research co-authored by IESE's Pascual Berrone paints a different picture, one in which "family-first" often means pursuing long-term goals that benefit all. Read article

  CEO: Greater the Risk, Bigger the Payoff

Berrone, Pascual; Makri, Marianna; Gómez-Mejía, Luis R. Few people like to hear that CEO paychecks increased sixfold between 1980 and 2003, but even fewer have a comprehensive perspective regarding how external factors affect these salaries. By focusing on technology companies in North America, IESE Prof. Pascual Berrone outlines a number of key issues that help explain how executives in tech firms can justify their six figures.
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