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  Six Lessons for Sustainable Innovation

MacGregor, Steven P.; Carleton, Tamara More than being the buzzword of our day, sustainability holds the key to tomorrow. In their European Business Review article, IESE's Steven P. MacGregor and Tamara Carleton, of the Foresight and Innovation program at Stanford University, distill key lessons from their research on sustainable innovation, which can be applied at the level of companies as well as individuals, in order to realize an inspiring future. Read article

  Achieving Sustainable Performance in the Workplace

MacGregor, Steven P.; Semler, Katherine Work/life balance continues to face stiff challenges, chief among them the perpetuation of a corporate culture whose work ethic is defined in terms of hours put in. The result? Suboptimal performance, if not total burnout, according to Steven P. MacGregor and Katherine Semler. To combat this, the authors propose incorporating sustainable executive performance (SEP) programs into management education and training. Read article

  Beyond Technology: An Integral Approach to Innovation

Vilà, Joaquim; MacGregor, Steven P. In the first nine months after it was rolled out, the iPad generated close to $10 billion in revenue. But was its success merely the result of Apple’s superior technological innovation or were there other factors at play? IESE’s Joaquim Vilà and Steven MacGregor call for a much broader definition of innovation that goes beyond technological and product innovation. Read article

  In Virtual Teams, Which Comes First: Technology or Creativity?

MacGregor, Steven P.; Torres-Coronas, Teresa Nowadays, managers and team leaders must leverage success on innovation, and many wonder how to squeeze the right amount of creativity from their virtual teams. Are virtual teams incubators for creativity thanks to the right technology, methods and processes? Are today's virtual teams born out of the need for higher creativity? IESE research fellow Steven MacGregor and Teresa Torres-Coronas' book "Higher Creativity for Virtual Teams: Developing Platforms for Co-Creation" does more than just answer these questions. The landmark work presents modern parallels between creative performance and virtual working environments. Managers who depend on innovation for success or those looking to adopt a new protocol to invigorate their employees' imaginations stand to benefit from the tools, experiences and data presented in the book. Read article
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