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  3 Keys to Higher Job Satisfaction at Multinationals

Cerdin, Jean-Luc; Sharma, Kushal; Liao, Yuan Given the particular stresses of international careers, predicting who will thrive in global posts is a big help. A study co-authored by IESE's Yuan Liao looks at certain self-perceptions and attitudes which have important implications for global talent management. Read article

  The Valuable (and Underutilized) Contributions of Multicultural Employees

Fitzsimmons, S.R.; Liao, Yuan; Thomas, David C. Multicultural employees are a very valuable resource for international companies. Their unique perspectives can make a big difference in the companies they work for, according to research by Stacey R. Fitzsimmons, Yuan Liao and David C. Thomas. Read article

  Cultural Competence: Why It Matters and How You Can Acquire It Premium

Lee, Yih-Teen; Liao, Yuan How can companies identify and make better use of their multicultural talent? Drawing on research, interviews and case studies, the authors suggest how cultural intelligence might be developed as a vital managerial competence. Read article
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