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  7 steps to innovate amid high digital density

Pérez Balaguer, Jesús; Gregory, Robert Wayne; Zamora, Javier

How can companies create new value propositions in high-digital-density environments? Jesús Pérez Balaguer, Robert W. Gregory and Javier Zamora propose a seven-step methodology based on the "jobs to be done" theory.

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  The iPhone effect: consumer pressure transforming IT governance

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Káganer, Evgeny; Henfridsson, Ola; Ruch, Thierry Jean Research by IESE's Robert W. Gregory and Evgeny Kaganer shows how widespread technology adoption is opening up -- and revolutionizing -- corporate IT governance, particularly when the pressure comes from consumers. Read article

  Are Banks Ready for the Process of Digitization?

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Ullings, Berno; Burger, André H.; Stieger, Jacqueline; Alessandrini, Isabel Customers are demanding bank services be available anywhere, at any time, using any device. But there's evidence from Spain that retail banks are still unprepared for the process of digitization. A survey of bank executives reveals four critical gaps in digital preparedness and suggests a framework to adapt to a new landscape, as financial technology start-ups move in. Read article

  Banking on Ambidexterity: An IT Transformation Case Study

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Keil, Mark; Muntermann, Jan; Mähring, Magnus A multiyear study of a bank going through a complex IT transformation program provides IESE's Robert Wayne Gregory and co-authors with six sets of seemingly paradoxical demands -- and insights into the flexibility needed to manage them all. Read article

  Getting Your Offshore Projects to Bear Fruit

Gregory, Robert Wayne; Beck, Roman; Keil, Mark The success of information systems development (ISD) offshoring is contingent on the effective control of such projects as well as relationships. IESE's Robert Wayne Gregory and his coauthors highlight three dimensions on which control configuration decisions need to be made, and they make practical recommendations for managers to strike the right balance. Read article
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