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  How Big Data, AI and Blockchain Are Changing Finance

Giné, Mireia; Antón, Miguel The marriage of finance and technology has given rise to new players that are transforming the financial industry. IESE's Mireia Giné and Miguel Antón show how pioneering fintech business models can afford greater speed and efficiency, personalization, automation and easier access, while reducing many of the problems that have long plagued traditional financial exchanges. Read article

  Excessive CEO Pay? Common Shareholders May Be to Blame

Antón, Miguel; Ederer, Florian; Giné, Mireia; Schmalz, Martin C. Clinton and Trump agree on one issue: today's CEOs make too much money. CEO salaries are ballooning even where business is far from booming. New research by IESE's Miguel Antón and Mireia Giné offers compelling evidence that common ownership deserves some of the blame. Their research also indicates that the bloated-CEO-pay problem will get worse if left unchecked. Read article

  Risky Business: Female Executives and the Pay Gap

Giné, Mireia; Carter, Mary Ellen; Franco, Francesca The gender pay gap is a well-documented phenomenon, even in the rarefied air of corporate boardrooms. In this study, IESE's Mireia Giné analyzes the gap and looks at two possible explanations: women's apparent aversion to taking risks (in the form of stock options) and their underrepresentation on boards. Read article

  The Real Value of Say-on-Pay Premium

Giné, Mireia While Say-on-Pay policies may not curb excessive remuneration, they do provide other measurable, positive benefits for companies and their shareholders. IESE Prof. Mireia Giné argues that Say-on-Pay measures can be effective for strengthening corporate governance and accountability within the firm, outweighing the time and costs they require. Read article

  The Spring of Shareholder Discontent

Giné, Mireia; Berrone, Pascual; Ormazábal, Gaizka When Citi and Barclays shareholders exercised their say-on-pay votes to reject their banks' executive pay, some hailed it as a watershed moment for shareholder activism. Yet others wonder to what extent say-on-pay will actually have an impact on performance. Is it just a way for disgruntled shareholders to blow off steam? IESE's Mireia Giné, Gaizka Ormazabal and Pascual Berrone offer their insights. Read article

  The Effect of Close-Call Votes on Firm Value

Cuñat, Vicente; Giné, Mireia; Guadalupe, Maria The difference between a successfully passed shareholder proposal and a blocked one can often come down to just one vote. Using more than 10 years of voting data for public firms in the United States, IESE Prof. Mireia Giné and colleagues focus on close-call votes that are hard to predict by the market, in order to estimate the impact of a firm's internal corporate governance on share price and long-term performance. Read article
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