Fidler, Devin

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  Big Changes Ahead: Are You Ready?

Rocha e Oliveira, Paulo; García Pont, Carlos; Prats, Mª Julia; Agulles, Remei; Sachon, Marc; Fidler, Devin; Gorbis, Marina The growth of "big data" has been declared one of the top business trends to watch in 2013. Far from looming on the horizon, however, it's already here, demanding that managers take a long, hard look at themselves and their organizations to see if they're ready. IESE professors and researchers suggest some ways for managers to assess their readiness for this and other major shifts ahead. Read article

  10 New Skills That Every Worker Needs Premium

Fidler, Devin; Gorbis, Marina The current changes affecting society demand that workers acquire new skills to navigate the emerging environment. Devin Fidler and Marina Gorbis, of the Institute for the Future, list 10 specific new skills that can help workers achieve success in the next decade. Read article
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