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  Emergency plan to counter the youth unemployment crisis

Blazquez, Maria Luisa; Masclans, Roger; Canals, Jordi Some 83% of large companies in Spain have trouble filling their local job vacancies because they aren't finding the required competencies in candidates. That's according to a new report by María Luisa Blázquez, Roger Masclans and Jordi Canals. Read article

  Roadmap for reviving the Spanish economy after the pandemic

Barceló, Simón Pedro; Corona, J.F.; Puig, Marc; Argandoña, Antonio; Canals, Jordi; Díaz Giménez, Javier; Heukamp, Franz; Mas, Núria; Nueno, Pedro; Pastor, Alfredo; Toribio, Juan José; Videla, Pedro; Vives, Xavier Trust, collaboration and an international perspective are three key concepts for the recovery, according to a report prepared by IESE and the Institute of Family Business that analyzes how to maintain employment, preserve the productive framework and support viable companies. Read article

  In a world of artificial intelligence, management is more important than ever

Canals, Jordi; Heukamp, Franz AI is the new IT. A book featuring experts from around the world, edited by Jordi Canals and Franz Heukamp, looks at what the AI revolution means to the future of management -- and leadership -- as strategy, organizational design, HR and marketing are redefined. Read article

  Corporate culture and values: How can the board set the tone?

Canals, Jordi There is a growing awareness about the importance of corporate culture. However, creating a positive culture cannot be addressed with a "check the box" compliance approach. This article provides some guidance on how boards can tackle this challenge. Read article

  Paul Polman: "We need to serve multiple stakeholders"

Canals, Jordi Paul Polman, member of IESE's International Advisory Board and until recently CEO of Unilever, reflects on corporate governance, the work of the CEO and board of directors, and the need to manage for the long term. Read article

  How AI Will -- and Won't -- Change the Way You Manage Premium

Canals, Jordi; Cassiman, Bruno; Elvira, Marta; Sieber, Sandra; Raes, Anneloes IESE professors Bruno Cassiman, Marta Elvira, Sandra Sieber and Anneloes Raes discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on strategy, talent management, corporate governance, IT management and organizational culture, respectively. Then, Jordi Canals wraps up the discussion by reiterating the enduring role of general managers in this new paradigm. Read article

  Companies struggle to find the talent they need. Why?

Masclans, Roger; Canals, Jordi; Blázquez, María Luisa A whopping 72 percent of large firms working in Spain say they have a tough time filling positions despite the country's high unemployment rate. That's according to an eye-opening study by IESE's María Luisa Blázquez, Roger Masclans and Jordi Canals. Read article

  Transforming Companies Into Respected Institutions Premium

Canals, Jordi Respect for business has fallen. IESE Dean Jordi Canals suggests how to make companies respected institutions in society once again. His framework, based on a holistic view of people and the firm, will help CEOs restore credibility to business. Read article

  Unleashing Entrepreneurship

Canals, Jordi An aging society, weakening demand, global competition and digital transformation make innovation necessary for even the most seemingly stable companies thriving today. Jordi Canals' 2015 book, Shaping Entrepreneurial Mindsets, lays out the leadership competencies required for managing entrepreneurs and managing entrepreneurially. Read article

  4 Competencies to Develop Global Leaders

Canals, Jordi Wanted: Leaders for growth markets and leaders with international experience. Jordi Canals, the dean of IESE, presents a framework to help companies develop tomorrow's global leadership. He puts forward four key competencies for leaders, based on five basic CEO functions that traverse borders. Read article
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