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  A return to humanism in general management

Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric; Carrera, Alejandro It's time for a refresher on our ideas of what a CEO can and should be. A new book from strategic management scholars at IESE and affiliated schools explores humanistic leadership with a focus on Latin and Ibero-American organizations. Read article

  Brexit's impact on 4 key sectors

Ariño, Africa; Daniels, Chris; Caldart, Adrian; Orr, Edward; Rosenberg, Mike Few, if any, companies anticipated Brexit. Now we're all being rocked by the uncertainties, since no one knows quite how this messy divorce will play out. Of course, some sectors are being harder hit than others. Read article

  The United States, China and Germany, the most appetizing markets

Caldart, Adrian; Gifra, Júlia; Pasamón, Fernando Three countries as distinct and distant as the United States, China and Germany once again top the annual ranking of the most attractive markets for food and beverage exports, according to a report by Adrian Caldart and Júlia Gifra. Read article

  The Keys to Being an Effective Executive Premium

Caldart, Adrian; Carrera, Alejandro; Cornejo, Magdalena What do CEOs do? What should they be doing instead? Based on interviews with 180 CEOs operating in Latin America, the authors highlight where CEOs may need to devote more time, effort and attention. This article includes a test for readers to check how well they are living up to their own executive roles. Read article

  International Expansion, Custom Tailored for Smaller Businesses

Caldart, Adrian; Pisani, Niccolò Spain's retail giant Inditex, owner of Zara, is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Spanish expansion overseas. In fact, Spain's smaller businesses already realize a third of their sales in foreign markets. Adrián Caldart and Niccolò Pisani analyze the strategies that have allowed Spain's small businesses to go from testing the water to making waves internationally. Read article

  Corporate Advantage: Exploitation vs. Exploration

Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric Corporate advantage: All companies want it. It's that little (or not so little) something that pushes one corporation ahead of another. The paper "Corporate Strategy: An Agent-Based Approach" by Adrián Atilio Caldart and Joan E. Ricart sheds new light on corporate advantage by regarding corporate strategy from two viewpoints: exploration versus exploitation. Some companies take a straight-line approach to strategy and are strictly bound by a deliberate corporate plan (exploitation) while others are willing to abandon their initial plans on the spur of the moment to seize a promising new path or innovation (exploration). So, which strategy works best? A lot depends on the nature of the business and the firm's initial strategic plans. Read article

  Fastening the Strategy Seat-Belt in Turbulent Environments

Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric The Spanish car components manufacturer Lujan has driven through some rocky terrain. Things first became bumpy for the company in 1986 when Spain joined the EEC. A decade later, the car industry shifted to cut costs. And the already tight situation became even tighter in 2000 due to a global economic slowdown. Yet, thanks to a sound corporate strategy, Lujan has survived - and prospered. In the paper "Corporate Strategy in Turbulent Environments: Key Roles of the Corporate Level," Adrián A. Caldart and Joan Enric use Lujan's example and the "Corporate Strategy Triangle" to shed light on how companies in turbulent environments can weather a lengthy storm. Read article

  "Parenting" Style and Performance

Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric When it comes to corporate strategy, managers, like parents, manage and organize companies in different ways. Some focus on strategic planning, others on financial control and still others on strategic control. In the research paper, "A Formal Evaluation of the Performance of Different Corporate Styles in Stable and Turbulent Environments," Professors Adrián A. Caldart and Joan Enric Ricart test the relationship between "parenting style" and performance. They find that the performance of each style depends on the characteristics of the business environment. Read article

  Complexity Theory: A Model for Corporate Strategy

Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric After thirty years of abundant research o­n the corporate strategy of multibusiness firms, still no answer has been found to the question of the relationship between diversification and performance, what type of diversification decision is to be preferred, or how the corporate center creates value. In their paper "Corporate Strategy Revisited: A View from Complexity Theory," Adrián Caldart, Professor at the Warwick Business School with a PhD from IESE, and IESE Professor Joan Enric Ricart propose a new model for analyzing these problems from the perspective of behavioral evolutionism and complexity theory. Read article

  Argentina´s Downward Spiral

Caldart, Adrian; Gual, Jordi The case study "Argentina in Crisis" by IESE Doctoral Candidate Adrian Caldart, under the supervision of IESE Professor Jordi Gual, delivers a blow-by-blow account of how Argentina slid from economic euphoria in 1997 to financial collapse in 2002. The author explains how crises in Asia, Russia and Brazil sparked Argentina´s deep recession. The case also discusses why the government´s every attempt to save the flailing economy, including IMF financial bulletproofing, has failed. Read article
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