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  Understanding the Paradox of Socially Responsible Investing

Yan, S.; Ferraro, Fabrizio; Almandoz, John If social responsibility is about putting the common good first and successful investing is about maximizing profits, where does that leave the growing realm of socially responsible investing? Under what conditions does it thrive? A study of 19 countries shines a light on the paradoxical logics at play. Read article

  Unleashing the Power of Purpose Premium

Almandoz, John; Lee, Yih-Teen; Ribera, Alberto This article reveals five practical steps for putting purpose into practice, achieving higher levels of motivation, commitment, engagement and fulfillment in your company in the process. Drawing on case studies and research, IESE's John Almandoz, Yih-Teen Lee and Alberto Ribera describe the qualities that characterize purpose-driven leadership. Read article

  Listen to the Non-Experts

Almandoz, John; Tilcsik, András Does a board always work best with more experts' advice? No, according to research published in the Academy of Management Journal. A study of U.S. community banks found that, when navigating uncharted waters, banks were more likely to fail if their boards were dominated by directors who were experts in banking. In fact, the riskiest decisions may be better handled when non-experts counterbalance the know-it-alls. Read article

  Risk-Taking by Banks: The Impact of Founders' Logics

Almandoz, John Why do some banks embrace risk while others play it safe? A study by IESE's Juan Almandoz suggests that the answer is connected to the founders' backgrounds and associations, whether they are carriers of financial or community logics. How long is the founders' shadow of influence? Read article

  What Are the Logics Driving Your Firm? Premium

Almandoz, John As banks seek to redeem themselves in light of the reckless mismanagement that destabilized the entire global economy, IESE Prof. Juan Almandoz draws out several lessons for creating a new community bank, which serve as useful reminders for any business seeking to reconcile its mission with the needs of customers, while also reconnecting with communities in vital and lasting ways. Read article

  Too Many Financial Experts May Be Bad for Community Banking

Almandoz, John The rise of grassroots movements to move money out of "too big to fail" banks requires the establishment of more community-based institutions. But in forming such institutions, to what extent should the founding team include those with financial backgrounds, whom many blame for the crisis? IESE's John Almandoz analyzes how financial and community logics can influence a bank's founding process for better or worse. Read article

  How States Help Banks Exploit Federal Regulations

Marquis, Christopher; Guthrie, D.; Almandoz, John The U.S. government had a noble intention when it conceived the Community Reinvestment Act: to encourage lending in poor neighborhoods. Additionally, this law gave federal banking regulators a mechanism to control bank acquisitions. Yet a new article in Social Science Research, coauthored by IESE’s Juan Almandoz, shows how states worked with banks to exploit the ambiguous requirements of the law to circumvent federal control and facilitate acquisitions. Read article
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