Adegbesan, Adetunji

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  Offshoring 2.0: Are You Ready for the Next Wave?

Ricart, Joan Enric; Agnese, Pablo; Pisani, Niccolo; Adegbesan, Adetunji While offshoring is not a new phenomenon, the way it is being done is. Growing pools of highly skilled workers and advances in technology are enticing firms to move beyond seeking low-cost labor and look toward reinforcing their strategic capabilities. The book, Offshoring in the Global Economy, helps managers navigate the organizational challenges that arise from this next-generation offshoring wave. Read article

  Technological Innovation: Show Me the Money

Adegbesan, Adetunji; Ricart, Joan Enric In today's business environment, innovation seems to be the one thing that nobody can get enough of. Nevertheless, is there really an automatic link between technological innovation and increased profitability? And if not, do we know what factors determine when technological innovation will be translated into money in the bank? In their working paper, "What Do We Really Know about When Technological Innovation Improves Performance (and When it Does Not)?" IESE Professor, Joan E. Ricart and PhD student Tunji Adegbesan examine what we know and what we don't know about when technological innovation is likely to improve the bottom line. Their review highlights the need for an improved understanding of this critical issue. Read article

  Getting a Piece of the Pharmaceutical Pie

Adegbesan, Adetunji; Higgins, Matthew J. How do the pharmaceutical firms find their big-name drugs? How do they know where to look for the great ideas, the promising innovations, the next big thing? The relationship between these firms and the biotechnology R&D firms that are often the source of new ideas is complex; each entity needs the other in often unequal measures. How can pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms structure their alliance so that each can benefit fairly should their developments prove successful? And, in general, how can strategic alliances divide up the "pie" of as-yet-undetermined future rewards? In "Intra-Alliance Performance, Control Rights, and Today's Split of Tomorrow's Value," Tunji Adegbesan, IESE Ph.D. in Management, and Matthew J. Higgins, Assistant Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, analyze strategic alliances in the biotechnology industry and the challenges they face. Read article
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