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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

How to get in the swing of the circular economy

What are the possibilities beyond a product's first lifecycle? In this report from the CaixaBank Chair of Sustainability and Social Impact, Joan Fontrodona and Philip Muller introduce nine key concepts of the circular economy.
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Adrian Caldart; Anna Akhmedova; Júlia Gifra
How has the COVID-19 crisis affected food and beverage companies? A survey of industry experts exposes the uneven impact of lockdowns, economic conditions and changes in consumer behavior, with an eye to what comes next.
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Mireia Las Heras; Nuria Chinchilla
For organizations to thrive in the 21st century, the needs of the new ideal worker must be understood. That means grappling with questions of work-life balance, as well as gender and leadership, in a meaningful way.
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