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Spotlight on corporate purpose

A clear sense of purpose can indicate better performance and more firm resilience under certain conditions, says recent research. Here is a roundup of several good reasons to pay close attention to purpose, especially in times in crisis.
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Javier Díaz Giménez, Núria Mas, Alfredo Pastor
With the end of the pandemic on the horizon, hopes are also rising for an end to the economic hardships of the past year. Different regions will bounce back in different ways, but for Europe, the Next Generation EU funds could signal a sustainable way forward.
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Pedro Nueno
Is speed the enemy of reflection? For Pedro Nueno, agile leadership, moving at a quick pace, is a must -- especially under the current conditions.
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Information Technologies
Opening the black box of AI and machine learning
Robert Wayne Gregory; Ola Henfridsson; Evgeny Káganer; Harris Kyriakou