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The new real estate paradigm: more than just location

Vergara, Carles; Gutés, Joan

Location, location, location: that's been the real estate mantra for ages. But according to a new book by Carles Vergara and Joan Gutés, timing and marketability increasingly count, too. And that requires new skills on the part of investors and managers to analyze and value property in this new context.

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Calvo, Eduard; Cui, Ruomeng; Serpa, Juan Camilo
Public infrastructure projects are notorious for going over their allotted time and budget. IESE's Eduard Calvo describes how this can best be avoided.
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Acharya, Viral V.; Eisert, Tim; Eufinger, Christian; Hirsch, Christian
Zombie lending has prolonged the pain of Europe's sovereign debt crisis, especially in Italy, where economic woes continue. New research links an effort to save the euro in 2012 to more zombie lending -- and points to what could be done differently.
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