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Patience: the best remedy for business haste

Argandoña, Antonio

Can you afford to be patient in a market that doesn't wait? Yes, you can, and it will benefit the productivity and sustainability of your company. Antonio Argandoña discusses the why's and how's of an overlooked virtue.

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Bimpikis, Kostas; Markakis, Mihalis
Is it just a fever or something more serious? When providing services that range from simple to complex, as in health care, not knowing what's required for each patient leads to wasted resources and inefficient staffing. So, how can this kind of system be optimized?
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Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric; Carrera, Alejandro
It's time for a refresher on our ideas of what a CEO can and should be. A new book from strategic management scholars at IESE and affiliated schools explores humanistic leadership with a focus on Latin and Ibero-American organizations.
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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
For leaders, ethics trumps fairness in employee opinions
Koopman, Joel; Scott, Brent A.; Matta, Fadel K.; Conlon, Donald E.; Dennerlein, Tobias