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Resilience, a key concept for the world's smartest cities

Berrone, Pascual; Ricart, Joan Enric

London once again tops IESE's annual ranking of the smartest cities in the world. As COVID-19 forces a rethink of urban strategies everywhere, resilience emerges as tomorrow's leading concern.

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Argandoña, Antonio
Government policies have aimed to tackle both the pandemic and the economic crisis simultaneously. In the short term, this means taking on public debt, which markets are currently paying little attention to. But over the medium and long term, new measures will be required to ensure the stability of public accounts.
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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Baker, William
Successful companies all share a commitment to three principles: abundance, long-term relationships and regard for others. How well does your company encourage the growth and development of its employees, and then celebrate their accomplishments?
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COVID-19 crisis to alter banks' business models
Carletti, E.; Claessens, Stijn; Fatás, Antonio; Vives, Xavier
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Big data to help predict social exclusion
Martínez de Albéniz, Victor; Echave Martínez, Cynthia