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What would you do in the case of...?

If you had to make key decisions at the helm of YouTube (Google), Amazon, Facebook or Spotify, how would you respond to these real-life challenges? To mark the centennial of the written case study, here are four more recent case dilemmas from IESE faculty -- and selected executives' own responses to them.
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Porsche's strategy to become carbon neutral is challenging yet achievable. Green energy is key, using e-fuels combined with electromobility to run not just the cars but the plants. While AI is also valuable, it won't replace the human element on which the brand depends.
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C. Lembregts; Jorge Pena Marin
Try expressing your goals in large numbers to help put yourself in the right mindset to achieve them. And to prod customers to make sales decisions, try presenting them with round numbers first and then precise ones close to the point of purchase.
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How a company's financial structure affects its stock returns
Teng Huang; Anil Kumar; Stefano Sacchetto; Carles Vergara