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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Key features for whistleblowing systems

Potito, Gianmichele; Aznar, Enrique; Vaccaro, Antonino

Wrongdoing and corruption come with high social costs. And no country is immune. Antonino Vaccaro, Gianmichele Potito and Enrique Aznar offer five keys to putting effective whistleblowing policies into place.

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IESE Insight
Mariano Puig, 91, admits he's reached the stage his father called "letting others do." Time to let the next generation take over the running of the family-owned fashion and fragrance business. This is the story of a leader who knows how to think big.
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Estrada, Javier; Kritzman, Mark
You save for retirement, and then you retire. Yet the questions keep coming: How much should be invested in stocks vs. bonds? How long will your portfolio last? A new analytic tool could help investors optimize their asset allocation to better fund those golden years.
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100 rules for better sales
Chiesa, Cosimo; Chiesa Ghio, Carlotta; Chiesa, Ludovica
The United States, China and Germany, the most appetizing markets
Caldart, Adrian; Gifra, Júlia; Pasamón, Fernando