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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: "Success comes from empathy"

Sieber, Sandra

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, discusses the company's cloud strategy and how to develop a deeper sense of empathy to better meet customers' needs.

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Maella, Pablo
Do you feel discouraged at work because you're not being promoted or haven't received the raise you expected? Don't fool yourself. As Pablo Maella explains, motivation depends less on external circumstances and more on your own attitude. Here are 10 keys to increase your effectiveness and satisfaction handling any task.
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Leadership and People Management Leadership and People Management
Argandoña, Antonio
Can you afford to be patient in a market that doesn't wait? Yes, you can, and it will benefit the productivity and sustainability of your company. Antonio Argandoña discusses the why's and how's of an overlooked virtue.
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A return to humanism in general management
Caldart, Adrian; Ricart, Joan Enric; Carrera, Alejandro
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
For leaders, ethics trumps fairness in employee opinions
Koopman, Joel; Scott, Brent A.; Matta, Fadel K.; Conlon, Donald E.; Dennerlein, Tobias