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Piyush Gupta: New Rules Needed to Regulate Data
Fecha: 18/05/2018
Autor / es:
Tipo de documento: Interview
Colaborador / es: Gupta, Piyush; Heukamp, Franz; IESE Insight
Áreas: Information Technologies; Finance; Decision Analysis
Idiomas: English
Cita bibliogr√°fica: IESE Insight; IESE, "Piyush Gupta: New Rules Needed to Regulate Data"

DBS CEO Piyush Gupta used to call data the new oil but now he calls it the new air because it's everywhere and harder to control. "We're going to have to develop new social rules around data," he says, using an analogy of a gun vs. a knife. "We haven't even started thinking about how these rules will play out."

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