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DHL Global Connectedness Index 2012

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The DHL Global Connectedness Index was developed to provide readers the most comprehensive and timely source of hard data and analysis depicting the actual extent and direction of globalization around the world. This second edition has been expanded significantly compared to the first edition as well as being thoroughly updated. Key enhancements in this year?s report include: detailed tracking of how globalized the world is as a whole (Chapter 1), analysis of global connectedness at the industry level (Chapter 3), and brief country case studies illustrating policies to promote connectedness (in Chapter 4). The industry analysis focuses on mobile phones, passenger cars, and pharmaceuticals, and the country cases feature the Netherlands, Vietnam, and Mexico. Fifteen more countries were also added to this year?s index, increasing its coverage to 99% of the world?s GDP and 95% of its population. And to help readers interpret the country profiles at the back of this report, each profile now contains a brief summary at the bottom of the page.
Cita bibliográfica: Ghemawat, Pankaj; Altman, Steven, "DHL Global Connectedness Index 2012: Analyzing global flows and their power to increase prosperity", DHL, 675-800-386, 11/2012

Referencia: 675-800-386 (Reference)
Fecha: 11/2012
Autor / es: Ghemawat, Pankaj; Altman, Steven
Tipo de documento: Estudio y monografía
Idiomas: Inglés