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GK: Building Businesses in India

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The case provides the opportunity to discuss some of the decisions faced by Gopala Krishnan (GK), an Indian entrepreneur who has developed a number of successful technology-related start-ups. The case presents three ventures that GK worked on in parallel: TimePass India, a cinema and real estate business; Immunizeindia, a social venture; and Banyan Mobile, a music streaming business. GK is faced with three strategic decisions, one for each venture. All three ventures are part of GK's business incubator: Hanin Global.
Bibliographic citation: Zott, Christoph, "GK: Building Businesses in India", IESE, E-155-E, 11/2012
Date: 29/11/2012
Author(s): Zott, Christoph
Document type: Case
Department: Entrepreneurship
Sector: Telecommunications (Telephone, TV, Cable...)
Languages: English
Geographic area: India; United States
Learning objective The purpose of the case is to promote a discussion of the issues faced by entrepreneurs in emerging countries. This case is modular: the instructor may decide to use it in different ways, depending on his or her needs. One option is to focus on business development in India, another is to focus on one of the three industries where GK operates, and the last is to discuss all three subcases in order to have students address multiple complex issues using just one case.