Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Olivia Baker Reacts to Geroge

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Olivia Baker and her team expand the business group with new initiatives. However, the evolution of the business gives rise to obstacles and tensions between her and the people in her trusted inner circle, such as George Foster. This makes her wonder whether to continue as usual or to change her strategy.
Bibliographic citation: Ruizalba, José Luis; Chinchilla, Nuria; Las Heras, Mireia, "Olivia Baker Reacts to Geroge", IESE, DPO-252-E, 09/2012
Date: 03/09/2012
Author(s): Ruizalba, José Luis; Las Heras, Mireia; Chinchilla, Nuria
Document type: Case
Department: Managing People in Organizations
Sector: Industry and Manufacturing
Languages: Spanish / English
Year of the events: 2011
Geographic area: United States