The First 10 Questions for Would-be Searchers

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This note answers ten of the most common questions asked by people who are relatively new to the search fund model, or have never heard of a search fund before. The content of this note is based on the experience of search funds from around the world, and will help prospective entrepreneurs become familiar with the search fund model and the important questions that should be answered before considering the model more seriously. At the end of each question, the reader is provided with additional resources to deepen his/her understanding of the issues discussed.
Bibliographic citation: Nieboer, Ian; Carenzo, Mathieu; Dávila, Antonio, "The First 10 Questions for Would-be Searchers", IESE, EN-15-E, 11/2011
Date: 17/11/2011
Author(s): Nieboer, Ian; Carenzo, Mathieu; Dávila, Antonio
Document type: Technical Note
Editor(s): EIC - Centro de Iniciativa Emprendedora e Innovación
Department: Entrepreneurship
Languages: Spanish / English