Business model innovation: Creating value in times of change

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We highlight business model innovation as a way for general managers and entrepreneurs to create and appropriate value, especially in times of economic change. Business model innovation, which involves designing a modified or new activity system, relies on recombining the existing resources of a firm and its partners, and it does not require significant investments in R&D. We offer managers and researchers a conceptual primer on business model innovation, emphasizing the importance of system-level thinking.
Bibliographic citation: Manit, R.; Zott, Christoph, "Business model innovation: Creating value in times of change", IESE, DI-870-E, 07/2010
Date: 07/2010
Author(s): Manit, R.; Zott, Christoph
Document type: Working Paper
Languages: English
Company(ies): Bancolumbia, IBM, Priceline, Time Inc., Prosper, Better Place, Gillette, Davenport, McGraw Hill, The GAP