Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Work-life balance in Europe: A shared concern

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In a continent as heterogeneous as Europe there are as many differences as there are similarities. On the legislative level, the Welfare State protects, and encourages measures to protect, workers, as well as what are known as equal opportunity and work-family laws. On a cultural level, however, there are significant differences, mainly due to the different time zones and the different models of organization of work. This chapter brings together the main data in this respect and presents some good practices adopted in companies that have succeeded in combining flexibility with productivity. Particular attention is given to the IFREI (IESE Family-Responsible Employer Index and associated study), started at IESE ten years ago, which measures the sustainability of companies' practices in relation to work-life issues. Lastly, the authors offer some recommendations to policy makers and employers.
Bibliographic citation: Martín, B.; León, Consuelo; Masuda, A.D.; Chinchilla, Nuria, "Work-life balance in Europe: A shared concern". In: Nuria Chinchilla, Mireia Las Heras, Aline D. Masuda. Balancing work and family. A practical guide to help organizations meet the global workforce challenge. United States: HRD Press Inc., 2009. pp 79 - 101
Date: 12/2009
Author(s): Martín, B.; León, Consuelo; Masuda, A.D.; Chinchilla, Nuria
Document type: Chapter
Languages: English