Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Balancing Work and Family

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This is a book for professionals who seek to implement country-sensitive work family practices in their organizations. The book has a central purpose: to help companies around the world create family-responsible environments. To accomplish this goal, the book is comprehensive, and raises interest and awareness about the need to take a tailored approach to implementing work-family policies in the workplace. The book reviews and addresses the unique cultural, social, political, and economical climates in key regions of the world. Second, the book provides practical recommendations based on solid international research. Third, it presents vivid accounts of employees' experiences from different geographical regions and cultural backgrounds. Finally, it provides the reader with examples and business cases illustrating best practices from companies in these regions.
Bibliographic citation: Chinchilla, Nuria; Las Heras, Mireia; Masuda, A.D. (Eds.) "Balancing Work and Family: A Practical Guide to Help Organizations Meet the Global Workforce Challenge", United States: HRD Press Inc., 2009.

Reference: 978-1-59996-168-2 (ISBN-13); 1-59996-168-7 (ISBN-10)
Date: 12/2009
Document type: Book
Editor(s): Chinchilla, Nuria; Las Heras, Mireia; Masuda, A.D.; ICWF - Centro Internacional Trabajo y Familia
Languages: English