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The "function" of business writing is to accomplish some purpose, perform some function, make some point: the terms purpose and function being interchangeable. In the process of putting ideas into words, the words themselves tend to generate new ideas, and so the function intended can be constantly modified in the very act of embodying it in a " form" and " function" modify each other in the process of writing is, however, limited by what we may call the main intention appropiate to the ocassion. There are four basic natural needs that may be fulfilled in discourse. 1. We want to explain or inform about something (exposition). 2. We want to convince somebody (persuasion & argument). 3. We want to give a description (description). 4. We want to tell what happened (narration).
Cita bibliográfica: LEGGETT, B. O. (1995). Written Discourse. IESE, LN-42-E.
Fecha: 01/09/1995
Autor / es: Brian O'Connor Leggett
Tipo de documento: Technical Note
Departamento: Managing People in Organizations
Idiomas: English