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New business concepts for corporate growth

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This paper presents the notion of the business concept and its impact on strategic-decision making and the long-term survival of the firm. There are five elements that define a firm's business concept: a vision about the future, a perception of customers' evolving needs, an understanding of the transformation of the industry's value chain, a design of the firms' operations in order to create value, and a choice among alternative options for positioning. The paper discusses these elements and presents some ways to design new business concepts. The development of new business concepts is based upon people's innovativeness and perseverance.
Cita bibliográfica: Canals, Jordi, "New business concepts for corporate growth", Journal of General Management, Vol. 25, No. 2, 1999, pp 1 - 18
Fecha: 1999
Autor / es: Canals, Jordi
Tipo de documento: Artículo en journal con referee
Idiomas: Inglés