Information Technologies

IESE Business School Insight, 152

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How digitalization will affect your sector. 7 traits needed to navigate change. Interviews with New York Times' CEO Mark Thompson and Hyperloop's Bibop G. Gresta. 6 tips for taking a creative approach to IT. The complicated future of electric cars. The right investment mix for retirement. Beware of hiring star talent. 5 whistleblowing tips. Brexit views. Interview with Paul Polman. Bus travel reimagined. A tribute to Mariano Puig. Super Bowl ad trends. Leading with compassion. 5 mistakes every family business should avoid. How rankings shape your growth story. Carnegie Hall's Clive Gillinson discovers a talent for management.
Bibliographic citation: IESE Insight, "IESE Business School Insight, 152: Tech at a turning point"

Reference: 2604-5907 (ISSN)
Date: 01/04/2019
Author(s): IESE Insight
Document type: Review
Languages: Spanish / English