Spanish Reform Monitor

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In the first release of the Spanish Economy Reform Monitor, our panel of 14 experts considers that the Spanish economy is performing, on average, rather poorly with an aggregate score of 4.0 out of 10. One possible interpretation for this judgment, on top of the short-run phase in the economic cycle, is that the current levels of economic activity are lagging behind its potential: it is not that Spain cannot grow; it is that some important roadblocks - of diverse nature - remain. The Reform Monitor is part of the SpanishReforms project, an academic, non-governmental website that aims at being a useful reference for those interested in independent, rigorous and up-to-date information about the Spanish economy and its economic policy reforms. SpanishReforms intends to foster transparency in policy formulation, to serve as a tool for the evaluation of the reforms enacted in Spain and, ultimately, to help to transform the Spanish economy into a more competitive and growth-friendly one. The Reform Monitor quantitatively evaluates three dimensions of the Spanish economy and its much-needed policy reforms: the performance of the Spanish economy; the adequacy of the policy goals set by the Spanish Government; and the actual progress achieved by the reform agenda that has been finally adopted. These three dimensions are covered for six broad economic policy areas: growth and competitiveness, competition and regulation, the labor market, the financial system, fiscal policy and the public administration, and the welfare state. These six areas, regarding policy goals and progress, are in turn further developed in 18 policy subareas.
Cita bibliográfica: Vives, Xavier; Xifré, Ramon, "Spanish Reform Monitor", IESE, ST-405-E, 02/2014
Fecha: 02/2014
Autor / es: Vives, Xavier; Xifré, Ramon
Tipo de documento: Estudio y monografía
Colaborador/es: Cabrales, Antonio; Pastor, Alfredo; Garicano, Luis; Dolado, Juan J.; Argandoña, Antonio; Carbó, Santiago; Campa, José Manuel; Andrés, Javier; Díaz Giménez, Javier; Jiménez, Sergi; Mas, Núria; Burguete, V.
Patrocinador/es: Fundación de las Cajas de Ahorros - FUNCAS
Otra/s colaboracion/es: Torrens, Ll.; Monner, Carlota; Everis; ESCI-UPF International Busisness
Editor/es: PPSRC - Public-Private Sector Research Center
Idiomas: Inglés
Área geográfica: España