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Conversion Rate Optimization

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This technical note presents a series of guidelines for increasing the conversion rate on a website. Conversion need not involve a monetary transaction. The goal could be to get the visitor to complete a registration process, share some news, invite a friend, become a fan of a sports team, download something, request a vehicle test drive, and so on. Conversion rate optimization should follow a series of prescribed steps to maximize its effectiveness. The five stages of the process-all linked to an initial analysis to identify the company's business objectives-are as follows: preliminary analysis, formulation of hypotheses, performance of specific tests, examination of results, and implementation of continuous improvement based on what has been learned.
Bibliographic citation: Ferrándiz, Luis; Villanueva, Julián; Soldado, Pilar, "Conversion Rate Optimization", IESE, MN-389-E, 03/2016
Date: 31/03/2016
Author(s): Ferrándiz, Luis; Villanueva, Julián; Soldado, Pilar
Document type: Technical Note
Department: Marketing
Languages: Spanish / English
Learning objective The note is intended to be used as supplementary reading in cases dealing with digital marketing, especially those that explore aspects of direct response marketing.