Corporate Governance

What Every Small Business Can Learn From Great Family Firms Premium

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For smaller companies that lack the liquidity and the economies of scale and scope enjoyed by large corporations, planning long into the future may seem like a luxury -- but longevity is possible. For inspiration, the authors draw on research they have done on SMEs around the world -- from North America to Europe to South Korea -- many of which are family businesses. The best performers pursued what they call "the 4C's" of Continuity, Community, Connection and Command, turning these features into sources of distinction and competitive advantage. The 4C principles can also find expression in your own firm, large or small, family owned or not, so that your business can likewise flourish for generations.
Bibliographic citation: Miller, Danny; Le Breton-Miller, Isabelle, "What Every Small Business Can Learn From Great Family Firms: The 4C Advantage", IESE Insight, No. 25, Second Quarter 2015, pp 33 - 40

Reference: 10.15581/002.ART-2713 (DOI)
Date: 16/06/2015
Author(s): Miller, Danny; Le Breton-Miller, Isabelle
Document type: Non-refereed article
Languages: Spanish / English