Trends for 2015: What Tomorrow Holds

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How will falling oil prices and U.S. growth impact the global economy? What about 1.5 billion new "lower-middle-class consumers" in emerging markets? Speaking from IESE's campuses in New York, Madrid, Munich and Barcelona, professors José Luis Nueno, Marta Elvira, Markus Maedler and Alfredo Pastor discuss what's in store for the global economy in 2015.
Cita bibliográfica: IESE; IESE Insight, "Trends for 2015: What Tomorrow Holds"
Fecha: 17/12/2014
Tipo de documento: Entrevista
Entrevistado/s: Nueno, José Luis; Elvira, Marta; Maedler, Markus; Pastor, Alfredo
Idiomas: Español / Inglés