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Depth Index of Globalization 2013

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This brand new report analyzes the interplay between globalization and "the big shift" - the rising proportion of trade, capital, information and people flows occurring in emerging economies. It captures the latest trends globally, regionally, and across 139 countries accounting for 99 percent of the world's GDP and 95 percent of its population.
Cita bibliográfica: Ghemawat, Pankaj; Altman, Steven, "Depth Index of Globalization 2013: And the Big Shift to Emerging Economies", IESE, ST-310-E, 11/2013
Fecha: 20/11/2013
Autor / es: Ghemawat, Pankaj; Altman, Steven
Tipo de documento: Estudio y monografía
Idiomas: Inglés