Corporate Governance

Will You Keep an Eye on My Investment?

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One of the few issues in which both institutional investors and board chairmen coincide is in the level of responsibility that corporate governance played in the financial crisis that started in 2008. Both groups agreed that corporate governance, especially in the financial sector, played a major role and is one of the main culprits of the economic crisis. This result fuels the ongoing debate regarding the level of responsibility that governance mechanisms and structures have in promoting or preventing future collapses. Good corporate governance may not provide immunity to crisis but it will almost certainly reduce vulnerability to subsequent crisis. Therefore, the design of new policies which ensure better corporate governance mechanisms seem vital to prevent future crisis. This chapter contributes to the understanding of the shape and role of such policies via an exploration of the attitudes and viewpoints of players falling into these two categories.
Bibliographic citation: Berrone, Pascual; García Píriz, Dionisio, "Will You Keep an Eye on My Investment?: An Empirical Analysis of the Link Between Institutional Investors and Boards of Directors". In: Jens Mueller and Philippa Wells. Governance in Action Globally: Strategy, Process and Reality. Oxford, UK: RossiSmith Academic Publications Ltd., 2013. pp 221 - 239
Date: 31/05/2013
Author(s): Berrone, Pascual; García Píriz, Dionisio
Document type: Chapter
Editor(s): Cátedra Schneider Electric de Sostenibilidad y Estrategia
Languages: English