Vademecum on Food and Beverage Markets 2013

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IESE Industry Meetings seek to provide a deeper understanding of the reality of an industry that contributes significantly to Spain's economy, analyze trends in that industry, provide a global vision and, in line with the school's academic mission, provide original and practical research that helps business people better understand the problems of the day and make better decisions. On the occasion of the 17th Food and Beverage Industry Meeting, we have sought to maximize the abovementioned features. The theme of the Meeting is "Selling Across Continents", which was suggested to us by the Meeting Advisory Council formed by individuals who are highly representative of the industry and distribution. This handbook aims to become a reference tool in the food and beverage industry and a travel companion for companies in the process of expanding their business into the international arena.
Bibliographic citation: Llopis, Jaume; Gifra, Júlia; Puig, Maria, "Vademecum on Food and Beverage Markets 2013: Selling Across Continents", IESE, ST-292-E, 06/2013
Date: 04/06/2013
Author(s): Llopis, Jaume; Gifra, Júlia; Puig, Maria
Document type: Study and Monograph
Author(s) of introduction: Pasamón, Fernando; González-Alemán, H.
Collaborator(s): FIAB
Sponsor(s): La Caixa; Deloitte
Editor(s): IESE - Industry Meetings
Languages: English