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Masters of Our Destiny

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Is it possible to balance professional, family and personal life? This is, without doubt, the key question, bearing on one of the main unsolved problems in our society. Written by acknowledged experts on the subject, this book provides the answers to help us tackle this complex situation. The authors' proposals are based on extensive knowledge and experience of work-family issues in many countries. In order to reconcile work and family, governments and legislators must be involved. There must also be flexible entrepreneurial practices and an effort on the part of the individual. Most of all, however, it is our own will to improve the world we live in and become the masters of our destiny that will allow us to achieve a harmonious balance between what we give and what we receive from society. Replete with in-depth reflections and practical examples, this book offers a comprehensive practical vision of the subject and can inspire multiple methods of solving the conflicts we encounter in our hectic daily lives.
Bibliographic citation: Chinchilla, Nuria; Moragas Freixa, Maruja, "Masters of Our Destiny", Pamplona: Eunsa, 2008. (Libros IESE).

Reference: 9788431325572 (ISBN-13)
Date: 06/2008
Author(s): Chinchilla, Nuria; Moragas Freixa, Maruja
Document type: Book
Editor(s): ICWF - Centro Internacional Trabajo y Familia
Languages: Spanish / English / Portuguese