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General Search

The general search function includes the following fields: title, author, abstract and related concepts. You may enter one or more words in the search field. Please note: To search for an exact phrase, words must be in quotes. Although the search function is not case sensitive, it will not yield results that have accents.

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search option to refine your search and narrow the results according to the parameters listed below.

Enter the title, abstract and related concepts associated with what you are looking for.

For the Author field, you can enter as many names as you wish. There are two ways to do this: Simply enter the name(s) in the text field, separated by a space or comma. If you are not sure of the exact name or spelling, click on "Complete list," where you will see all authors listed alphabetically. Tick the box next to the name of each author you are interested in, and it will appear as a list on the right-hand side of the page. When you have completed your selection, click on the button "Insert authors." You will return to the Advanced Search page, and you can proceed from there.

Publications can be searched for by title. If you are unsure of the exact title, you can enter one or more words from the title. Please note: If you add more than one word, the search function will only return results listing those words in the order that you entered them.

It is possible to search by the publication's ISSN, ISBN or DOI reference, if known. You can also search for papers included in the IESE catalog by their official codes, if known.

You can search for articles published between a particular time period by entering the month and year in the from/to fields. If you know the exact date, you must enter the same date in both the from/to fields.

You can narrow your search by language (Spanish, English, Catalan). If no language is selected, the search will display documents in all available languages.

All documents are classified according to various business disciplines. Select your preferred area of interest from the 14 different areas listed in the drop-down menu.

Document Type
You may search by document type listed in the drop-down menu as follows:

Article in Journal (refereed): Article has been subjected to peer review prior to publication in an academic journal.

Book: A complete work or volume.

Case: Case studies describe real or fictitious business dilemmas, but with no resolutions provided, as they are designed to be used for classroom discussion in educational settings.

Chapter: The author has written at least one chapter of a complete publication.

Doctoral Thesis: Final paper prepared with IESE professors as part of a Ph.D. program.

Exercise: A practical activity to be resolved either individually or in groups.

Indicator: Presenting statistical data or a business index.

Interview: Q&A-type articles that have been published in external media and/or IESE magazines and websites.

Newsletter: Online or printed bulletin produced by IESE.

Occasional Paper: Published by IESE but does not require internal review and is aimed at a wide audience beyond the academic environment.

Opinion: Presents an author's opinion, which has appeared in external media and/or IESE magazines and websites.

Other Publication: An article not subjected to referee, but that has appeared in a volume and/or specific issue of a magazine or serial publication.

Podcast: Interviews, presentations, special reports and news in audiovisual format.

Report: News item reporting on an IESE event, presented in text or audiovisual format.

Study and Monograph: Publication of an empirical nature, with quantitative and qualitative data and analysis.

Technical Note: Describes or defines a key concept or how certain aspects of the financial or business world function.

Working Paper: Written according to academic methodology and subjected to internal review at IESE.

Published by:
You can search for documents according to the type of media in which they appeared (magazine/journal/newsletter) or by publication title (e.g., Journal of Marketing Education). To perform a search, simply enter the name of the publication or media type in the text field.

You can search for publications produced by a particular IESE research center or chair listed in the drop-down menu. Please note: Only one may be selected at a time.