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Normalize Innovation to Transform Your Firm
Vilà, Joaquim
Editor: Estudios y Ediciones IESE
Artículo basado en: Normalize Innovation to Transform Your Firm
Año: 2012
Idioma: English

Companies that organize their innovation efforts in systematic, well-managed ways are those whose efforts will be rewarded. So says Joaquim Vilà, based on the best practices of the world's most innovative firms, as well as on his own extensive experience of innovation management. In this article, Vilà presents a systematic model of innovation management, which links strategy, problem solving and cultural change, and which is custom-tailored to the needs of each firm. Implementing this model in phases allows for progressive development of an innovation culture. The goal is to change the way in which innovation is led and managed at all levels of the organization, so that the company can establish a set of values, principles and practices that will strengthen and nurture the innovation process on an ongoing basis. In short, it's about transforming the entire company through innovation.

Tools and Frameworks:
> "Maturity Stages to Innovation Excellence" shows the stages that gradually produce results over time.
> "Transformation With Results" explains how companies of widely varying sizes, sectors and degrees of complexity have been able to achieve similar results, simply by adapting the flexible methodology of systematic innovation management to their own companies' requirements.

Examples Cited:
Apple, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Dannon, General Electric, 3M, Intel, BMW, Johnson & Johnson, Singapore Airlines, Metalquimia, Ideo, Frog, Humantific, AXA Ireland, Prefabricats Planas, Roche Diagnostics Iberia, Cretaprint, Telefónica, BBVA, Ikea, Nestlé, Tata Group, Tetra Pak, Critflow, Chaordix, Easycrit

Research Basis:
Based on two decades of experience the author acquired through training and consulting, both in helping companies to diagnose their ability to innovate, as well as in helping them to implement innovation processes linked to strategy. In addition, over the past six years, the author has researched the best practices of 40 of the world's most innovative firms.

About the Author:
Joaquim Vilà is a professor of Strategic Management and Innovation at IESE.

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