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10 New Skills That Every Worker Needs
Fidler, Devin; Gorbis, Marina
Editor: Estudios y Ediciones IESE
Artículo basado en: 10 New Skills That Every Worker Needs
Año: 2012
Idioma: English

The current changes affecting society demand that workers acquire new skills to navigate the emerging environment. In this article, researchers from the Institute for the Future share the findings of a recent study carried out in collaboration with entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders, in which they explore the implications of these changes on the nature of work and careers. They list 10 specific new skills that can help workers achieve success in the next decade. This holds important implications for individuals and businesses alike regarding future organizational forms and lifelong learning.

Tools and Frameworks:
> "Top 10 Skills" lists the critical competencies for tomorrow's workers, arising from a set of high-level changes and disruptive forces happening in society.

Examples Cited:
stockbrokers, functional near-infrared spectroscopy, fNIRS, Deep Blue, robots, Second Life, Yammer

Research Basis:
Summarizes the findings of the authors' research, based on ongoing studies of the key forces driving change in society. For more than 40 years, the Institute for the Future has summarized emerging advances and issues. This particular project culminated in a workshop where those actually driving many of these changes -- entrepreneurs, academics and business leaders -- were invited to explore the implications of this research.

About the Authors:
Devin Fidler is a contributor to the Institute for the Future's Technology Horizons Program.

Marina Gorbis is the executive director of the Institute for the Future.

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