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  100 rules for better sales 

Chiesa, Cosimo; Chiesa Ghio, Carlotta; Chiesa, Ludovica
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"We're constantly selling, regardless of our profession," says Cosimo Chiesa in his 2018 book, co-authored with daughters Carlotta and Ludovica Chiesa. The book, whose title urges us to "sell more, sell better," also aims to inspire leaders to develop and perfect interpersonal skills to become more persuasive.

The volume, whose proceeds go to a children's oncology charity, is divided into four sections:
1. the human dimension, because "selling is inherent to humans";
2. the preludes to the act of selling, because before you can sell, you need to be a good strategist;
3. the experience of being a salesperson, breaking down the keys to success in each stage of the sales cycle;
4. achieving excellence long-term, because selling is a marathon and it requires constant reinvention.

Preparing to sell
To sell a product, you first need to know how to sell yourself. With this in mind, early chapters of the book deal with self-awareness and understanding personal and professional goals.

The goal here is to "become the best version of yourself," because "you are the first product to sell to your client." That process includes: adopting habits to become more effective and target goals more clearly; internalizing some basic rules of organization and effective time management; and learning to strengthen your skills and disarm anything that could sabotage you.

After this personal introspection, there are still more questions. What kind of salesperson do you want to be? What will set you apart from others? Which attitudes and techniques can you use to entice and convince your customers?

Today's customers demand solutions, more than products or services. Effective salespeople need to be able to perceive clients' needs early and play the role of "vendor-consultant" -- the name of the game in the new digital environment.

Digitalization has created customers who are increasingly demanding and well informed, at the same time they are decreasingly loyal, amid constant market competition. In such a context, the authors have developed "10 commandments" for today's vendor-consultant. Each commandment is inspired by a will to serve, to self-assess along the phases of a sale, to identify areas for improvement and to understand the real value of customers now and in the future.

The road to sales excellence
The four classic stages of sales -- engage, sell, satisfy and retain -- remain the same, but the digital era has changed some of the approaches and means required of each.

This includes everything from how to introduce yourself to a potential new customer and make a good impression to identifying whose loyalty is worthwhile and mastering techniques to defending your pricing. The authors also share their three "golden rules" of selling.

In the words of marketing guru Philip Kotler, "the best advertising is done by satisfied customers." The authors endorse this maxim and also offer practical advice on how to create disengagement alerts, turn a complaint into an opportunity and win back lost customers who are worth regaining.

Readers are also encouraged to be proactive with their use of digital media, to leverage it both for better positioning and brand identity, and also to add value to relationships with customers.

A practical guide full of basic tenets, advice and exercises, the Chiesas' book is, in the words of José Luis Nueno in the prologue, "for the next generation of salespeople, and for the current generation to stay up to date."
This article is based on:  Vende más, vende mejor
Publisher:  Plataforma Editorial
Year:  2018
Language:  Spanish