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  The Benefits of Flow at Work 

Ribera, Alberto; Ceja, Lucia
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Every job has repetitive tasks that can feel limiting. To remedy this, we need activities that stretch our abilities and capacities. The key is to find the right balance: if the challenge is too much, we get stressed; too little, and we get bored. Ideally, we will experience flow -- a gratifying state when individuals perceive they have adequate abilities to cope with greater challenges.

IESE's Alberto Ribera and Lucia Ceja add to the body of literature on flow. Flow has been shown to have a positive impact on personal happiness and well-being. When applied to work, it can result in better performance.

The authors present a framework depicting how it works. The goal is to move people through these phases, capitalizing on the prime moments of flow and knowing when to pivot before the benefits get lost. This process will depend on the personal characteristics and capacities of each person.

There's virtually no job that couldn't benefit from this model. From answering the phone to cleaning hotel rooms to designing marketing plans, what seems mundane for some can become energizing, provided that people are enabled and supported to transform their daily tasks into new opportunities for growing and reaching their full potential.

This article is based on:  Flow: Flourishing at Work
Publisher:  Springer International Publishing
Year:  2017
Language:  English