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  The Future of Advertising Is Storytelling 

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People have been telling stories for centuries, and we keep on telling stories because they tend to be what we remember most. In media, and in advertising, stories are a way to get through to the minds and the hearts of consumers, explains IESE's Xavier Oliver.

So, companies should decide strategically what their story is, what they want to tell to customers to connect with them. It could be about the founding, depicting why the company exists in the first place. It could tell the story of the company's development or describe a big problem it was able to overcome. It could also center on an "Aha!" moment.

A great story can create a great brand, explaining what your company stands for. Here is one example that emphasizes exceptional customer service via the tale of a missing diamond.

Excerpts from Prof. Xavier Oliver's webinar "How Great Leaders Get Great Brands Through Great Storytelling." See IESE's webinar schedule here.

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This article is based on:  How Great Leaders Get Great Brands Through Great Storytelling
Year:  2016
Language:  English