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  Expanding Impact: The Power of Excellence in Business 

Caruana, Jaime; Haaland Matlary, Janne; Barber, Tony; Bouée, Charles-Edouard; Garaña, María; Graiver, Pablo; Brandis, Hendrik
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At IESE's Global Alumni Reunion held in Munich, Germany in October 2015, international leaders spoke to the more than 1,000 assembled about the power of excellence in business and expanding impact through positive changes.

In this special collection of videos, we hear from the featured panelists on three academic sessions. Discussing geopolitical and economic risk, we have Jaime Caruana, general manager of the BIS; Janne Haaland Matlary, professor at the Universitetet i Oslo; and Tony Barber, European editor at the Financial Times. On digital transformation, we include Charles-Édouard Bouée, CEO of Roland Berger and María Garaña, vice president of Microsoft EMEA. And finally, from the session on entrepreneurial impact, we feature investor Henrik Brandis and the entrepreneur with a winning pitch, Pablo Graiver.

The Dangers of Delaying Interest Rate Normalization

Caruana, Jaime

What are the dangers of delaying interest rate normalization in Europe and elsewhere? Jaime Caruana, General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), explains that accepting extremely low rates as the "new normal" for too long leads to the misallocation of resources, distortions in financial markets, weakening of the balance sheets of banks and more.

Risky Business: Preserving Europe's Strengths in Difficult Times
Haaland Matlary, Janne

In a world of shifting risks, safeguarding what makes Europe an ideal place to do business is even more important. "You need the right kind of rules," asserts Janne Haaland Matlary. With instability deepening globally, the Norwegian political scientist calls for greater dialogue between governments and corporations.

Is Brexit Next? Why Geopolitics Matters to Business
Barber, Tony

Corporate scandals and political upheavals are rocking the European business climate. Tony Barber, Europe Editor for the Financial Times, explains why Britain leaving the E.U. and recent corporate scandals are "rather more serious than many business people may have understood."

The Digital Future at Light Speed

Bouée, Charles-Édouard

"Users have taken control of the world," declares Roland Berger Strategy CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée. With digital transformation moving at light speed in the private sphere, corporate practices need to keep up. In this interview, Bouée shares tips on the realities of the new digital landscape, and what Europe needs to do to catch up.

Digital Leader's Toolkit
Garaña, María

María Garaña, vice president of Microsoft EMEA, urges business leaders to avoid becoming "lost in the details of digital. We should focus on the forest, not the trees and ask how technology is going to impact customers."

Entrepreneurs and Investors: The Meeting Point
Graiver, Pablo; Brandis, Hendrik

From taking that first leap of faith, to understanding exactly what venture capital investors are looking for -- it's not just the big idea that matters. TrialReach's Pablo Graiver and Earlybird Venture Capital Hendrik Brandis share expert advice for anyone thinking of starting up.

Overview: The Power of Excellence in Business
Canals, Jordi; Haaland Matlary, Janne; Barber, Tony; Heinz, Michael; Caruana, Jaime; Di Leo, Bruno; Garaña, María; Langer, Hans J.; Bouée, Charles-Édouard; Graiver, Pablo; Brandis, Hendrik; Daems, Herman; Achleitner, Paul

"Excellence is not cheap." IESE Dean Jordi Canals set the scene for the IESE Global Alumni Reunion in Munich in his opening remarks. Over 1,000 executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders and experts gathered in the Bavarian capital Munich to discuss "Expanding Impact: The Power of Excellence in Business."
This article is based on:  Global Alumni Reunion 2015
Year:  2015
Language:  English

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