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The Genesis and Metamorphosis of Imprints: How Business Model Innovation Evolves in Young Firms 

Date: 01/08/2018 Author(s): Snihur, Yuliya; Zott, Christoph Document type: Proceeding In this research, we ask whether founders imprint business model innovation and what mechanisms they use to do so. Grounded in an in- depth longitudinal multiple-case study of six new ventures, we develop a theoretical framework that explains how founders shape the degree of business model innovation of their firms. Our findings suggest that, besides ... More information

The role of differentiation, integration, and governance in developing innovative business models 

Date: 01/08/2018 Author(s): Frankenberger, Karolin; Zott, Christoph Document type: Proceeding How can established firms that seek to innovate their business models organize best to achieve high degrees of novelty in the resulting business model designs? Rooted in corporate entrepreneurship literature we develop and test a model that explains why the degree of novelty of business model designs depends on the extent of alignment between differentiation, ... More information

Business Model Design: A Dynamic Capability Perspective 

Date: 01/2016 Author(s): Amit, Raphael; Zott, Christoph Document type: Chapter The rapidly changing economic landscape, coupled with transformational advances in information and communication technologies, presents many challenges to managers of large and small enterprises alike. They need to adopt a holistic approach to continuously renew and innovate their organizations' capabilities, their product and service mix, their product-market ... More information

How to Innovate in Business Models 

Date: 01/2016 Author(s): Zott, Christoph Document type: Non-refereed article Entrepreneurs and companies can benefit radically from an innovative business model, but frequently lack the expertise required to build one. With this need in mind, IESE Prof. Christoph Zott and Prof. Raphael Amit of the Wharton School developed a step-by-step approach derived from the world of design that applies across a range of industries. The ... More information

Business Model Innovation: Toward a Process Perspective 

Date: 13/05/2015 Author(s): Zott, Christoph; Amit, Raphael Document type: Chapter Business model innovation matters to managers, entrepreneurs and academic researchers because it represents an often underutilized source of value, and as such could translate into sustainable performance advantage. Yet, despite the importance of the topic, and the increasing attention it has received from researchers, relatively little is known about ... More information Read related article

Business Models 

Date: 03/2015 Author(s): Amit, Raphael; Zott, Christoph Document type: Chapter A firm's business model is a template that depicts the way the firm conducts its business. It describes the system of interdependent activities that are performed by the firm and by its partners and the ways that these activities are linked to each other through transactions in factor and product markets. In this chapter, we focus on the evolution ... More information

The Business Model 

Date: 01/2011 Author(s): Amit, Raphael; Zott, Christoph Document type: Chapter Introduction to the reprint of The Fit between Product Market Strategy and Business Model: Implications for Firm Performance. More information

The affective roots of resource heterogeneity: How founders' emotion regulation helps create social resources in startups 

Date: 07/2010 Author(s): Zott, Christoph; Huy, Quy Document type: Working Paper Where do firms' heterogeneous resources come from? Our qualitative, inductive study of nascent firms over seven years revealed that founders' differential use of emotion regulation behaviors can explain differential creation of social resources at the firm level. We found that founders' emotion regulation behaviors cluster around three themes: 1) the ... More information

Business model innovation: Creating value in times of change 

Date: 07/2010 Author(s): Manit, R.; Zott, Christoph Document type: Working Paper We highlight business model innovation as a way for general managers and entrepreneurs to create and appropriate value, especially in times of economic change. Business model innovation, which involves designing a modified or new activity system, relies on recombining the existing resources of a firm and its partners, and it does not require significant ... More information

Affective sensegiving, trust-building, and resource mobilization in start-up organizations 

Date: 06/2010 Author(s): Huy, Quy; Zott, Christoph Document type: Working Paper Based on a four-year field study of six new ventures, we investigate whether and how founders of new firms engaged in affective sensegiving with diverse stakeholders; namely investors, board members, customers and employees. Affective sensegiving refers to founders' integrating affect in their verbal statements and actions to influence stakeholders' ... More information Read related article
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